Monster in My Head

It took me a long time to share my last post, The Long Road Back, on my blog. See, there’s a monster in my head. Not the depersonalization. No, thankfully, Michael (my counselor) and I have worked out that depersonalization is on the retreat for now.

This? This is something stronger. Read Monster in My Head

I’m Like an Old Man. Seriously.

Okay, well, I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit clumsy.

It comes and goes, so when I’ve bumped into something and got a nasty bruise in return, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll probably hit it at least 3 times more within the next 48 hours or so.  Just my subconscious self reminding my conscious self what they can do to one another, kinda like an internalised stand-off or something.


Lesson from the Quakes: Three Things I Definitely Cannot Live Without

This week, with the second anniversary of the devastating 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake yesterday, I’ll be blogging about several issues relevant to our situation here in Christchurch and natural disasters in general.

The earthquakes our region has been experiencing have damaged, sometimes severely, our water supply.  This includes wells, waste water systems, sewage systems, fresh water pipes, and so on.

You don’t know how much you appreciate indoor plumbing and water supply until you can’t use it.

This has taught me that there are three things I definitely cannot live without:

  • A warm shower or bath
  • A sink to wash my hands at or to drink water from
  • A flushing toilet!