“Look for the Helpers…”

Being 11 September here in New Zealand — even though the infamous 9/11 happened on 12 September 2001 here — some of my news feeds are showing images and sharing articles about the anniversary of 9/11.

Every year, I feel something different. Having been through our own set of natural disasters — the initial quake occurring a week before the 9th anniversary of 9/11 — something struck me quite strongly today as I saw this image:
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Every City in Despair Needs Heroes: Meet Flat Man and Quake Kid

This week, with the second anniversary of the devastating 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake approaching, I’ll be blogging about several issues relevant to our situation here in Christchurch and natural disasters in general.

Flat Man and Quake Kid — Credit: Otago Daily Times

We were a city in need, and heroes came to help us.  In our darkest hours, Mayor Bob Parker did what no mayor in Christchurch history has done; he flipped the red switch.  Somewhere in Christchurch, a klaxon sounded, two seemingly-ordinary young men suited up and jumped in their Bumblebee-coloured Camaro to help the city in need.  This is the story of Flat Man, his mother Flat Mum, and his sidekick Quake Kid.

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